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Poem entitled "Of Course" written by Chrisian "Rikai"

Of course...November 30, 2002 4:00 PM

My insides flare..Butterflies invade my stomach..
What is all this for..I'm about to see her of course.
We kiss..Our tounges and hands explore eachother's body countless times..
A moan..a shiver..a lick..
I'm with her of course.
I need her..She is oxygen..a necessity..a craving..
She has me wrapped around her little finger, able to toy with my heart like a mouse to a cat..
But she doesnt..she caresses me..comforts me..make me feel whole..
The stars shine for lost in her eyes..Forever wandering in a world of ecstasy..
I need her of course.
I twist..turn..scream..cry..bleed.. and die..
My soul demands i be with her..Commands..Wishes..
I'm not with her of course.
Intoxication is her game..and i am a participant in it..And i will be forever more.
To hold her is the among the greatest feelings in the world..To kiss her is to launch into orbit..
To bask in her glory..never daunting..never moving..always loving..
Do i love her?
..........Of course.