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This is where I will put up the stuff about me.
<Subject to change if needed>

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Name: (V)atthew Galea
Nick: Seth
Status: Thinking....
Age: 16
Birth Date: July 6, 1986
Sign: Cancer
Sex: Male
Race: Maltese ( Check a map...Psst try under Sicily! See it now?)
Birthplace: Flushing, Queenz
Location: Astoria, New York
Favorite colors: Blue, Black, Red, and Green. My most favorite is Blue.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Tan
Eye Color: Brown
Pets: A BLACK PANTHER! aka cat that is black with green eyes and white crest under her neck.She strikes fear into her foes hearts(and especially mine). Favorite attack: Fang and Claw grab followed by a vicious berzerker claw kick!
A WOLF! aka a tiny, little, white, maltese doggy ^.^ with baby eyes that when you look in them you feel comfort and love that they give back. Favorite attack: Roll around on floor as diversion followed by a lick attack
Special Ability: Power to help those in need. This goes to all my friends. whom i dedicate myself to 24/7. Props to ya all :D


Things I like to do:
First things first, I love computers. I find them to be very interesting as both a toy and a tool. I am trying to seek out a profession in programming. I like hanging with my friends and having a good time more then anything else. Being with your friends is the best thing for ur mind and soul. If anything is ever bothering you your friends are allways there! They will never disappoint you ( Thats why they are friends)... Hopefully if they do you will make up and stay good friends. I also have hobbies in Anime(Japanese Animation) and everything that revolves around it, building toy models, watching t.v., playing gamez on my pc and my gamecube, drawing (Even thought i suck at it q-_-p), blading, chilling with my crew... wait i said that before... SHIT!....q>.<p, and other stuff i can't remember right now q^.^p!


PC Games I like to play (subject to Change) | Name Used      
-^v-{Counter-Strike                  .iM.HeLLz RioT
-^v-{Diablo II w/ expansion set        seth3_245321   
-^v-{Rune                                 Seth         
-^v-{Quake )|( w/ Bid For Power mod    Slayer-Seth     
-^v-{Warcraft III REIGN of CHAOS       The_Frostmourne