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This is my new home page.
I got tons of work to do on it so please be patient with me.

!!--Rockman Neo--!!

   10/27  Heylo peoples.. SRY FOR THE LACK OF UPDATES! i need you to excuse me please! My life these last few weeks has been totally hectic. I have suffered allot and gained allot. I may not be old but i sure as hell am wise and am intouch with my feelings not like some %#(&@... Anyway!.. yeah so ive gotten a livejournal! IT TOTALLY ROX! The link is here and on my links page! thanks q;.;p
  11/15 Yeah... Im sick... It really sux cuz im missing school and my friends and stuff.. yeah.... ARGH.. BUT ATLEAST I CAN UPDATE SITE!!! hehe check out the sneaky wittwe stuff i added... K il be thinking of new stuff to add so check back soon!
  12/12 Hey this is Me again! LONG TIME NO UPDATE!! hehe ok so my comp got ghey witha  virus and i had to reformat.. but that was like a month ago.  Yeah im sooooooooo lazy.. im gonna update though... cuz im depressed... lol depression period has come yet again!.. well i hope u guys r ok! So check in soon plz! payce!      q-.-p
Yeah btw i added an mp3 file to character page.. so if it takes a while to load plz let it... the download is worth it i guess...


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