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The Creature's Farewell


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I wrote this sonnet for english class in shakesperean format. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

I saw a bird lying on the street.

I thought I should pick it up and see if it was okay.

When I saw its state I felt I should weep,

Or would I leave it to decay away.


The wings were in a disfigured state.

Its legs were mangled left to bleed.

Maybe I should not sit and wait,

If only I knew what are its needs.


Oh poorest of creatures left here on this floor.

Why must you die this very day?

Am I the only one who cares anymore?

Was life really meant to be this way?


I wish I could just help this bird.

I hope that my prayers will be heard.


Please do not take my stuff and say that you made it... If you really like it and want to show it to others please say it is done by Matthew Galea and place my sites url there also. Thank You for cooperating.